Jake (also known as his real name Jake Delamare, his aliases Jake Chirak, and Bernadaite) is an artist and author graduated from Rubika Supinfocom as a digital director. He created a few short films (some by himself, some not by himself). After having worked in animation for a few months, he returned to his first love: dirty comics.

As a fan of weird movies, strange fanzines, silly comics, horror games and gross internet culture, he started drawing and posting his own art on underground websites at a very young age.

Easy to recognize in the wild, just look for the little guy with the glasses, orange and pink hair, an
eye-straining outfit and a sketchbook hidden in his pocket. Been making websites since 2006, can you imagine.

BLOGGING: Dreamwidth
SOCIAL MEDIAS: Twitter / Instagram
ART WEBSITES: Tumblr / Artfight / Toyhouse / Deviantart (mostly inactive)
WEBCOMIC WEBSITES: Webtoon / Comic Fury / Tapas
MISC.: Backloggery